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Get Rid Off is here to help you take control and manage your online reputation and reclaim your personal or professional image. Potential clients and customers will always look for a reason not to purchase a product or service and finding your name associated with lots of bad reviews, court cases and rip off report sites can be financially disastrous for your business.

At Get Rid Off we understand that bad publicity can result in adverse public perception with serious implications for your business. Once a negative remark is published online, it quickly snowballs into an even bigger problem that can be very difficult to control. Put an end to bad publicity, protect and enhance your reputation, with Get Rid Off Online Reputation Management today.


Start Your Inoculation Campaign

Is your online reputation suffering from negative publicity and criticism? As our name suggests, Get Rid Off will do just that, get rid off any negative publicity, criticism, comments and rumours about you or your company and restore your reputation with our Online Reputation Management solution.


Social media makes it all too easy for your hard won reputation to become tainted. What’s more, those negative remarks are picked up by the search engines and placed at the top of the search results where they are most visible. Unfortunately, search engines don’t distinguish the difference between positive and negative postings; they simply search for fresh content and add it to your existing content.


With our Online Reputation Management, you can control and suppress any negative or offensive online postings and restore your reputation. At Get Rid Off we take a proactive approach to minimizing the impact of negative publicity and focus on publishing and promoting positive content built around your name.


No one is immune from negative publicity, whether you’re a business or an individual, all it takes to sully your reputation is a thoughtless remark posted online for all the world to see. Don’t suffer at the hands of disgruntled customers, employers or even your competitors; you can make negative publicity disappear from the search results for good.


With Get Rid Off on your team and our Online Reputation Management solution all negative comments and attacks will be squashed out of existence and your reputation restored. Online Reputation Management involves launching a campaign to replace negative listings with positive content via press relea...

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Manage Your Online Reputation

It’s easy these days for people to create web pages, forums and join social network sites to publicly criticize, insult and generally trash your character or your business.


But you can fight back and manage your online reputation to ensure you or your company is represented in the best possible light.


Get Rid Off can mange your online reputation to reduce or eliminate negative listings from the search engine results pages.


How do we manage your online reputation?


A number of ways, but first we need to identify both the positive and the negative search results connected to your name or your company. Get Rid Off will then create and promote positive online content so that the search engines add it to the search results, bumping off and replacing the negative listings.


The positive content acts as a barrier suppressing the negative postings further back from the search results pages and therefore from public view.


Creating new positive content also lets you control your online reputation through all the various channels available so you only ever let people see what you want them to see.


Reputation management is about damage control, and Get Rid Off leverages proven marketing techniques to effectively enhance and manage your online reputation.


Depending on the severity and type of negativity your dealing with, Get Rid Off also recommends that acknowledging negative sentiments about your company can show you’re willing take action and fix any wrongdoing. Sometimes the best way to manage your online reputation is to simply own up to your mistakes (a sign of good character) and take corrective action. People...

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Repair Your Online Reputation

Whether you have an online business or not, you can be sure that you or your business is mentioned somewhere on the Internet. You may think this is great, free publicity but these days not all publicity is good publicity – especially when negative, false or misleading information is being posted about you online.


And what’s worse, you may even be unaware of the negative comments being posted about you or your business, and this can have serious consequences for your reputation as well as your bottom line in the long run.


How can I stop negative perceptions and fix my damaged reputation?


As long as you haven’t been involved in unethical or criminal activities, you can take control of the situation and repair your online reputation with the help and advice from Get Rid Off.


When your reputation is on the line, we’ll stop at nothing to repair your online reputation. We offer a discrete and effective service to restore your name and standing in the online and offline communities.


You can start to see the results within a day, although to repair your online reputation in the long term, a systematic approach over a few months will get you the best results.


Don’t let embarrassing photos and false information ruin your chances for a promotion, or lose you sales, with Get Rid Off you can control what people find when searching your name or your business online.


Get Rid Off can help you repair your online reputation and banish negative search results for good. We use a variety of techniques that includes but is not limited to:

  • Search engine optimization • Link building • Online advertising • Request rem...
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Get Rid off Negative with Power

Get Rid Off specialize in removing reputation damaging bad reviews, court cases and rip off reports that appear on search engines for everyone to see. Having your name associated with bad reviews, court cases and rip off reports is not only embarrassing but can have detrimental consequences to your reputation and livelihood.


The chances of people finding your name attached to bad reviews, court cases or rip off reports are very high, and the complete loss of confidence, trust and integrity in the publics’ eyes is a very real danger.


Worse still, is that you may be completely innocent but are an unfortunate victim of competitor sabotage, personal vendetta, disgruntled ex employees or unhappy customers that are venting their frustrations in a very public way to hurt you.


To remove bad reviews, court cases and rip off reports Get Rid Off implements search engine marketing and search engine optimization techniques to manipulate search engine results into removing negative reports from appearing on the search page results.


Get Rid Off will help you control and manage your online reputation and reclaim your personal or professional image. Potential clients and customers will always look for a reason not to purchase a product or service and finding your name associated with lots of bad reviews, court cases and rip off report sites can be financially disastrous for your business.


We will develop a plan to remove bad reviews, court cases and rip off reports and work to restore your reputation.


Our action plan is to:


• Request the Webmaster to remove the negative information, although this is easier said than done, as...

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